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Improvement Priorities

Academy Improvement Priorities for the Academic Year 2015 - 2016 

Area for Improvement 1 – Outcomes for Pupils  Attainment


·          Throughout each year group and across the curriculum including English and maths, current pupils are making        substantial progress from their different starting points

·          The progress of disadvantaged pupils matches that of other pupils nationally

·          From each different starting point the proportions of pupils making and exceeding expected progress in English and   maths are high compared to national figures

·          Pupils read widely and often with age appropriate fluency and comprehension

·          Pupils are very well prepared for the next stage in their education

·          Progress for all pupils is above average across nearly all subjects areas

·          Attainment of all groups is in line with national averages



Area for Improvement 2 – Quality of Teaching, Learning and Assessment


·           100% Teaching and Learning across the academy is judged as ‘Good’  or better, 30% outstanding by Jan 16

·          100% Teaching and Learning across the academy is judged as ‘Good’  or better, 50% outstanding by July 16

·          Teachers make maximum use of lesson time

·          Teachers use questioning highly effectively and identify and address misconceptions swiftly

·          Teachers ensure that most able pupils are making progress towards attaining the highest standards

·          Teachers identify and support any pupil who is falling behind and enable almost all to catch up

·          Teachers are determined that pupils do well and provide incisive feedback

·          Teachers have consistently high expectations of all pupils attitudes to learning and manage behavior very effectively

·          Teachers set challenging homework that consolidates learning and deepens understanding

·          Pupils love the challenge of learning and are resilient to failure; seeking and using new information to develop, consolidate and deepen their learning

·          Scrutiny of pupils books and conversations with learners show that they are fully involved in an ongoing dialogue about the next steps in their learning and understand what they can do well and what they are trying to improve as well as high expectations of presentation


Area for Improvement 3- Personal Development, Behaviour and Welfare


·          No groups of pupils are disadvantaged by low attendance

·          Pupils demonstrate impeccable conduct and exhibit high standards of behaviour

·          Pupils SMSC equips them to be thoughtful, caring and active citizens in school and wider society

·          Pupils take a pride in their work, school and appearance

·          Pupils are punctual and value their education

Area for Improvement 4- Effectiveness of Leadership and Management


·          Leaders set high expectations of staff and pupils

·          Leaders and Governors are ambitious for all pupils and promote improvement effectively

·          The Academy’s actions secure substantial improvement in progress for disadvantaged groups

·          Teaching is consistently strong across the school and good practice is shared

·          Staff feel deeply involved in their own professional development

·          The broad and balanced curriculum provides wide ranging opportunities and supports good progress for pupils in all aspects of their education

·          SMSC and British values are at the heart of the Academy’s work