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Welcome to Heron class
Teacher: Miss Brown
Teaching Assistants: Mrs Davidson & Mrs Brandon

This term our topic is
Misty Mountain Sierra

We are going to be learning about different mountains from around the world and understanding where they are in the world. We are looking at how mountains are represented on maps and how they are formed in the natural world. 
We will also be looking at plants and how they grow in different environmental zones.

Reading Books

We introduced our new reading scheme, Accelerated Reader, last term and the children have responded really well to this. 
The children have been reading more regularly and completing a quiz each time they finish a book which is improving their comprehension skills, the children should be getting 85% on their reading quizzes to show good progress. 
The children should be reading a minimum of 3 times a week at home and this is recorded on a reading chart outside the classroom, please make sure their reading books are signed every time they read as they will receive a merit for each time.

Christingle at Toothill Church
Tuesday 13th December 2016

PE will be on a Tuesday and Thursday.
The Thursday session will be taken up by Mr North of Up and Under Sports and this term the children will be doing Tag Rugby.

Indoor PE kit: Black/Blue Shorts
                      White t-shirt

Outdoor PE Kit: Black/Blue Shorts/Joggers
                          White t-shirt
                          Daps or Trainers

The Friday session will be our enrichment activity and we will be Singing


Homework will be handed out on Tuesday 25th April 2017 and will be the same as previous terms, with children choosing 2 different

activities over the two weeks. I have again included maths and literacy homework on Education City that I would like the children

to complete, this will 
focus on the key skills of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division
Tuesday 15th November 2016
Today we had a visit from children's author Vicki Watson.
She shared extracts from her book 'Bob and the Alien Escapade' and spoke to the children about what it takes to be a writer.