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Welcome to Robin class
Teacher: Mrs Bevan and Miss Ward
Teaching Assistants: Mrs Lynch and Miss Smith

This term our topic is

We will be searching out superheroes in the school grounds and bringing them back to class to describe them.

We will discuss our favourite superheroes and why we like them.

We will be listening to stories of real life heroes and will be thinking about how they made life better for others.

Talk about the word hero – what it means. Discuss the qualities of real life heroes such as bravery, kindness, determination and generosity.

Use a comic strip format to tell a short story about superheroes and villains.



This term there will be two PE sessions per week. One will be an outdoor lesson focusing on sending, receiving and travelling with different equipment. The other lesson will be indoors learning the skills of gymnastics.

Nichola Lewington,
15 Sep 2017, 06:36