Forest Schools

Hazelwood Academy works with Wild Inspired to provide outdoor experiences encouraging child-led learning and planning through self-initiated play. Forest School aims to develop, amongst other things, self-confidence, communication, social interaction, speaking and listening, concentration and creative thinking skills, whilst encouraging an empathy with nature. The activities Forest School offers help to improve gross and fine motor skills, encourage independence and assess awareness of risk taking, as well as improving a child’s knowledge of the natural environment. The majority of our pupils experience Forest School through our nurture or enrichment programmes. 


Activities include:

Nature Trails

Natural Art & Craft

Woodland Games

Dens, Shelter and furniture building

Woodcrafts (such as making whistles or benches)

Knowledge of Trees and Nature

Primitive Skills tools & fires

Team Building Activities

Fire Safety and Cooking Over a Fire

Forest School aims to get children to enjoy the outdoors, regardless of the weather, and make the most of what nature has to offer. Even on a cold winter’s day, Forest School sessions make the most of the season.

Children are taught safe techniques for using woodland tools, such as loppers and bow saws. They often work in pairs, encouraging communication, cooperation and respect. They are also taught how to have a safe and responsible attitude towards fire, and how it can be used to cook a meal.