Sports Funding

Sports Grant Final Report 2015/16

The government is currently providing additional funding to improve provision of physical education (PE) and sport in primary schools and academies.

This funding - provided jointly by the Departments for Education, Health and Culture, Media and Sport – is being allocated to primary Academy/School head teachers and Principals.  This funding is ring-fenced and therefore can only be spent on provision of PE and sport in schools.

How much do we get?

£8000, plus £5 per pupil, totalling £8790 in 15/16

How it was spent: 



Expected Outcome

Impact – End of Year Review – July 2016

After School Clubs:


 Football Club (KS2 terms 1 - 5) &

Tag Rugby (Yr2 – Yr 5 term 6)


Netball Club (Y4-6)
















Increasing the number of children participating in after school sports. Providing specialist sports coaches for all to access and promoting healthy and active lifestyles.






Participation in key stage 2 clubs:

Football – 22%

Football achieved 5th place in the league this year and 3rd place in the West Swindon Tournament.

Tag Rugby  - 29.4%

Pupils to participate in a rugby competition at Supermarines on 12.7.16

Netball – 18.6%

Netball has successfully trained pupils to become top of the West Swindon league.

Multi-skills – 9.2%

Dance – 8.6%

Rugby – 15.6%

Participation in key stage 1 clubs:

Multi – skills - 18%

Tag Rugby (term 6) – 9.4%

Dance – 11%

PE Equipment:

Various sports equipment


Sports kit








Better quality equipment for pupils to access.



Funding was spent on improving/replacing previous equipment for both gymnastics and outdoor sport, and adding new sporting resources


Sports kit has been provided for pupils to ensure they are kitted for inter-school competitions.




For pupils who have previously achieved NC requirements.

Pupils who had previously achieved NC requirements were provided funding in order to develop their swimming achievements further and on to the next level.

Up and Under:

External coaching in excess of curriculum  PE requirement




Coaching is provided to further develop the extra-curricular activities for pupils led by teaching staff.

Up and Under have worked alongside and have provided coaching for teachers who have expressed interest in developing their skills in a particular sporting area, in order for them to run after school clubs independently and with confidence.


Skipping Workshop


Dance Workshops
















Skipping workshop - Pupils given opportunity to develop a physical sporting skill which can be taken and continued in the playground for the future.

Dance – Pupils given opportunity to develop their knowledge of dance and genres of dance.

A skipping workshop was sought in order to promote fun physical fitness in the playground for all pupils to continue after the experience. With the use of funded skipping workshop pupils have experienced how skipping can be a fun part of physical exercise. All pupils from F2-Y6 took part in a workshop to teach them various skills, including Basic Techniques, Individual Skills, Partner Skipping, Double Dutch and Long Rope Team Games.


Two dance workshops were sought as part of developing pupil’s cultural awareness and experience of the history of dance styles and dances styles from around the world.

Pupils from F2-Y6 experienced hour long workshops giving them opportunity to learn a new style. This was then performed to the rest of the school at the end of the day and to parents during our ‘Rio’ week. Both full day workshops proved enjoyable and showed pupils achievements during their performances.





Swindon Primary Schools Football Association fee


QUAD Competition and other entry fees

ASA (Swimming) Awards




Match staff cover


PE Primary Subscription


















Pupils have opportunity to play other local schools and develop their football skills whilst playing as a team.

Pupils have been given opportunity to participate in inter school competitions other than football and netball. 


Pupils participate in awards scheme for their swimming achievements.


Pupils in the school teams are awarded for their team achievements.


Staff are supplied for after school matches so that pupils have opportunity to play against other local schools.


PE scheme which is up to date and current with the new National Curriculum.



Pupils who have participated have experienced the camaraderie and discipline of playing as a team and representing their school in public.

Various year groups have participated in local inter-school competitions including gymnastics, Quad kids and Tag Rugby.

Pupils provided with their awards in order to celebrate their swimming achievements.


Pupils inter-school competition achievements celebrated and rewarded.


Staff provided at inter-school competitions to ensure the safety of pupils within the schools care.


School uses a PE scheme supplied by PE primary to assist in the development of PE skills and to ensure full coverage of the up to date PE curriculum is covered. 



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