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Medical Information


Common Infectious Diseases

 If you suspect your child has an infectious disease, please keep him or her at home and tell your teacher.  We can then take the necessary action to limit the spread in school.  The following periods of absence are recommended, but they may be longer as your family doctor advises.


  • Measles: 4 days after the appearance of the rash
  • German Measles:  6 days after the appearance of the rash
  • Chickenpox:  5 days after the appearance of the rash or until the rash has crusted over
  • Mumps:  5 days after the swelling appears and until it subsides
  • Whooping cough:  5 days from commencing antibiotic treatment or 21 days from onset of illness if no antibiotic treatment.
  • Sickness and Diarrhoea: 48 hours after last attack
  • Head lice infection is an occasional problem.  If your child becomes infected please keep him or her at home until the hair has been treated.  Please tell the class teacher so that we can ensure treatment information is available to prevent it spreading.  


Our normal practice is not to administer medicines in school.  However, under some circumstances we will administer prescribed medicines.  A parent or guardian will need to come into school to inform us and fill in a medical consent form.  We keep all prescribed medicines safely in the school office.  We do not allow children to have non-prescribed medicines in school.

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19 Sep 2016, 03:33