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Pupil Welfare


Although we do the best we can, we do not have suitable facilities for children who become unwell at the academy. If your child appears to be ill we will contact you. Please, do not send your child to the academy if you think they are unwell. If your child has a serious or recurring medical problem please ensure that you inform us. You should also make a note of it on your child's admission form. Parents who wish prescribed medicines to be administered at the academy must come to the main office and fill out an 'administration of medicine' form. We are not allowed to administer over the counter medicines. Always keep us informed of any change of address or telephone number, and especially of arrangements for a second contact should you not be available.

PE, Games and Swimming

These are a normal part of the academy curriculum. If your child is unable to take part for any reason, then please provide a note, otherwise they will be expected to participate.


It is now a legal requirement for schools and academies to record the reason for a child's absence. Please would parents help us to comply with this by informing us by 9.00am on EACH day that your child is absent from school. 

Holidays in Term Time

Parents do not have the right to take their children out of school for holidays during term time. By law you must ask permission for your child to miss school. The DFE advise parents not to disadvantage their child's education by taking holidays in term time. Due to changes in Government legislation that came into effect on 1st September 2013 we are no longer able to authorise absences including holidays in term time unless they are in exceptional circumstances that can be proved. If the absence is not authorised you will receive a £60 penalty notice. This is levied per parent, per child and if not paid within 28 days increases to £120. Unauthorised absence is deemed as truancy even if sanctioned by the parent.

Nichola Lewington,
15 Oct 2015, 02:28