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Expectations of Pupils


As an academy we are very proud of our uniform. It unites us as a team and as new academy we have endeavoured to create a uniform which is inexpensive and functional. Our logo is our unique AET academy identifier.  All pupils must wear full academy uniform. 

Make up and jewellery 

Children are not permitted to wear make up to the academy. Only stud earrings may be worn, however we request for health and safety reasons that these are either removed or covered during PE lessons. 


At our academy we pride ourselves on our excellent behaviour which visitors frequently comment on. We have a clear behaviour policy, with academy rules (our Golden Bees). We ask that all children adhere to our behaviour policy and work in partnership with parents to ensure that all pupils and parents understand the policy and are equipped with the skills to follow it. The School Council have written a 'Happy Hazelwood' guide (see file below), which gives basic guidance on behaviour and internet safety.


We are constantly striving to improve the attendance of our pupils, as more time in the academy means increased achievement for your children. We expect that all children attend unless there is a medical reason to be absent. If you are unsure if it is safe or suitable for your child to attend please contact the office for guidance. 

Reading books 

We expect all children to arrive with their reading books and bags. All pupils will need these during the day and it is essential they bring them in each day. 

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